Google Form

Jennifer has shared about Google Forms and how she uses it in her classroom. I found that how amazing it work out with the students, no matter in the classroom or after school. It is due to students can really integrated with ICT in their learning even after school time.

However, it is not appropriate for early childhood children as they are not well manipulate with the computer and internet thingy. This is quite challenging due to their ages appropriateness.  Perhaps, I think it might more works for teachers to communicate for parents. After watching the video, I noticed that it is similar to Google Drive whereby you can share the documents to whom you want and they can add and correct the contents based on online discussions. The fun thing is you can see the changes on the spot. COOL right?! This is what I felt when Chee Hoi introduced it to me. Therefore, teachers can create a form to seek reply from the parents such as what foods they will prepare for the potlucks and which time slot they prefer during Parent Teacher Meetings. In my opinion, I prefer this way rather than sending parents reply slip to fill up and return.

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