Google connected eye wear?

While I was browsing Jia Lerk blog, I was impressed by one of her post that she shared about the Google glass. It is very high technology thingy I have been seen so far. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Camera, my school mates and I actually talked about this idea before. We were discussing about how good is the cameras embedded with Bluetooth function then we can just send the photos without using the USB. Few years later, here comes the Galaxy Camera! That’s why I wasn’t really surprised that the birth of it. However, it is still a pretty cool ICTs gadget I wish to have one.  Click here to view more about it.

Regarding the Google glass, I was amazing by the function of the glass could make by just wearing it. Here is a video review of Google glass.

After viewing the video, how do you feel? Isn’t is the peoples who invented it are genius? Technology moves way too fast and I have to make my moves faster to update myself so that I will be capable enough to teach and engage ICT in teaching the young children.

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