Pros and Cons about E learning

Sian Nee had shared a blog post  which is discussing about the pros and cons in E learning. This is a popular issue whereby educators/teachers are encouraged to integrate ICT into teaching. In other words, we are encouraging children to use ICTS and we are introducing them E- learning. In my opinion, everything comes with pros and cons. Let me make an example for you, let say’s Water.  As we know that, we have to drink plenty of water to keep our body health. Yet too much of water will cost water intoxication and then lead to a related problem resulting from the dilution of sodium in the body which is also known as hyponatremia (Helmenstine, 2013). Therefore, I think that no matter what we are doing, we must find the equilibrium point so that we can get the benefits.  No doubt, there are ways of advantages of using-E learning. The utmost important thing is to make sure the children are supervised and guided to do the right things. Any more information regarding the pros and cons of using E-leaning, click here.



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Felt board Ipad Apps!

I always fancy about materials made by felt as it is very attractive and durable to use in the classroom even for toddlers. I have made some teaching materials by using felt for my diploma’s teaching practices. The picture is attached at the bottom. One of my friends, Jia Lerk is pretty good at making this.

I still can remember that when I was having my first teaching practices for degree, there is a Goldilocks and the three bears role play puppets board made by felts in the kindergarten (something like this). I was so attractive with that and I really enjoyed in playing around with that by changing the clothes for the bears and Goldilocks. And thank you Joyce for sharing this video which surprised me those online games can be so interesting and attracted me since I am not fascinated in games either online games. I would like to have it but I do not have Ipad. Available in Samsung tablet or not?


Handmade teaching aids

Handmade teaching aids

Hybrid Life

Hello everyone, here is a funny yet meaningful video from JinnyboyTV to share with you all. Recently, I have been stalking this as they have many hilarious and awesome videos! Basically, the video is talking about Malaysia is like a “ROJAK” as it consists of different kinds of cultures and races and foods. According to the video, it is described as hybrid which means a thing made by combining of two or more different elements. For example, coffee + milo + ice = Neslo. Other than foods, the languages and technology as well have categorized as hybrid. You can only find these kinds of thing in Malaysia! However, hybrid technologies really bring lots of conveniences for us.  For examples, camera + phone =camera phone (smartphone with mega pixel beats digital camera).  So… hybrid technologies Hooray!


Thank you Pung for sharing an amazing website regarding web-based storybooks which is named as Storybird. It is a visual storytelling suitable for everyone. Besides, it can use to create your own story other than discover the stories provided from the web.  I think this is a useful tool for teacher to create their own story line or reproduce the stories with own creativity. I used to create some stories when get together with my nephews. With this Storybird, my story lines can come alive with colorful and attractive tools and characters. If only if I have time to do my own designs. Haha! Other than teachers, parents are also able to access the site to find some stories or create their own story. It is very good opportunity for parents to building the relationship bonds with their child during bedtime story sessions. Try with it now! :)

Lesson 2 Reflection

During this lesson, I have introduced children to insert photos by using PowerPoint. They also try to do some typing below their photos for describing their masterpieces. Some children who learn English as second language are not able to spell the words correctly. However, they tried to invent spelling by using phonetic sounds. For examples,  “moof very fast” instead of move very fast. I was surprised of the boy ability to use phonetic sound to invent the spelling. This is one of his intelligence on hearing doesn’t he?

Most of the children are able to manipulate the mouse steadily yet some was struggling with it. It is due to their hand motor skills are not well-developed. Hence, they need more practices on their fine and gross hand motor skills.

Lesson 1 Reflection

For my first lesson, children are required to use camera to snap pictures on the materials to keep records for the follow up activity. (I have uploaded some pictures on my pinterest). Most of the children are fascinated about they were going to use it to snap pictures. However there was 1 girl refused to use it yet I did not force her to do so. After that she agreed to give it a try after her friends used it and I was trying to persuade her as well. It is very interesting when I saw them using the camera. Honestly speaking, most of the photos taken were blurring even though I keep reminding them not to shake their hands and stay focus. Only few of them can really take a good picture. It was fun and tiring to introduce them something new. Besides, I felt that children took longer time in waiting for their turns to use the only camera. I should prepare another camera for them but I only have one. Thus, I felt that shortage of ICT equipment always is the barrier for teachers to integrate ICTs in children learning experiences.


Projector + Laptop sound great to me!

My earlier post about the awesome ways to use Skype in the classroom did not motivated me to use Skype during my teaching practices. It is due to I found that it is hard for me to assist a group of 6 years old children to use Skype in the classroom due to shortage of  computer and time consuming to carry out the lesson. Most of the time, I use projector and laptop to show videos and songs to give a better concrete ideas for children to have an understanding related to the lessons. I found that that is awesome to me as I see children are able to develop a better understanding with the equipment. They are able to give examples and retell the concepts after watching the videos. Children were able to enjoy during the lessons. Therefore, my learning objective is achievable.

Books or ICTs?

Earlier about Chee Hoi was discussing about using the Kindle which is an electronic book (e-book) reader. And I found Kelly shared about the interactive reading with ICT while checking the updates from Diigo.  From her point of view, I agreed with her that the key to any learning takes place when students are engaged to it.  Therefore, no matter using books or ICTs for storytelling, what matter is about the children are engaged and have fun during the activity. However, thank you Kelly for sharing about the website she used for storytelling with ICT. It is very cool and fun and I have something special to share with my colleagues and children!  🙂

Google Form

Jennifer has shared about Google Forms and how she uses it in her classroom. I found that how amazing it work out with the students, no matter in the classroom or after school. It is due to students can really integrated with ICT in their learning even after school time.

However, it is not appropriate for early childhood children as they are not well manipulate with the computer and internet thingy. This is quite challenging due to their ages appropriateness.  Perhaps, I think it might more works for teachers to communicate for parents. After watching the video, I noticed that it is similar to Google Drive whereby you can share the documents to whom you want and they can add and correct the contents based on online discussions. The fun thing is you can see the changes on the spot. COOL right?! This is what I felt when Chee Hoi introduced it to me. Therefore, teachers can create a form to seek reply from the parents such as what foods they will prepare for the potlucks and which time slot they prefer during Parent Teacher Meetings. In my opinion, I prefer this way rather than sending parents reply slip to fill up and return.

ICTs make money too!

Nowadays ICTs not only bring conveniences for us yet it helps people to earn money.  It is due to there are many internet celebrities who make videos and post their masterpieces on YouTube and they get paid. They cover artist famous songs or make funny videos which got millions likes. They are like the popular star in the world of internet. However, some of them get too famous on YouTube and they become a real life star. They do performance in different countries. Some singing celebrities are like Jason Chen, David Choi and Sam Tsui. Are you familiar with those names as well? For your information, Jason Chen and David Choi had come to Malaysia to do performance (More information related click here ). Moreover, some bloggers do get paid when they have reached certain amounts of followers and views. Therefore, using ICTs in another way will help you to earn money too!



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